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Hello my name is Jeff Faudem and welcome to Denver Fertility. I specialize in combining the best of both Eastern and Western medicine to provide holistic natural fertility care and acupuncture. My procedures can optimize the chance of conceiving and can make your pregnancy healthier and more enjoyable. A successful pregnancy requires a lot of things and I am here to help you take charge.

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6/14/22 - Research into falling sperm counts finds 'alarming' levels of chemicals in male urine samples via EuroNews.Next

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Male Factor Infertility...

accounts for about 1/3 of all infertility cases. Low morphology and low sperm counts are just some of the factors that can contribute to male factor infertility. Sperm parameters throughout the world have decreased by staggering amounts in the past 50 years. Many people claim that male infertility is now a global epidemic. At my clinic, I see so many couples with simple problems end up in fertility clinics going through invasive and expensive treatments.

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Personalized, Friendly, and Convenient Care

How is Denver Fertility different? I believe in a concierge model of care. This includes round the clock access via phone, email, or text with any questions or concerns you may have in between appointments. I provide evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your already busy schedule, as well as prompt scheduling and referrals and resources to address your Western medical needs. I will be with you every step of the way with my fertility managed care to ensure you have the physical, emotional, and spiritual support you need, to have a successful pregnancy journey and grow your family.


Check out the services page or give me a call and we can work together on starting your family. I look forward to assisting your fertility needs.

Jeff Faudem

Fertility Specialist


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Denver Fertility has four convenient locations, across the Colorado Front Range, to serve YOU!

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