"After almost a year of trying to get -- and stay -- pregnant, we decided to try acupuncture.  I had a few early miscarriages and after all the routine testing, I was told I was experiencing "unexplained infertility".  So we met with Jeff and really liked his holistic approach that involved much more than just acupuncture.  We changed our diets, did the nightly foot bath and followed the exercise recommendations.  Within just a few cycles I was pregnant and we just had our healthy baby boy a few weeks ago.  I believe Jeff's help and support played a big part in making this possible, so we'll be forever grateful for him.

Thanks again for everything you did, and do for other families!" -Ariel+Chaz

"Where to start....Jeff is as good as it gets. And I am not just talking results. He is kind, thoughtful, and makes you feel comfortable and at ease in his office. You can ask him anything and he is always there to help, even those late night "can I eat this" texts. But most importantly he is truly there to help you through the tough process that is infertility. We tried for over 2 years to get pregnant and within 3 months of seeing Jeff, not only did I get pregnant, I am almost 6 months, and getting ready for our first baby! Not only did he help me through this process, but also my husband who asked him every question under the sun. At no point does he ever make you feel like a bother. He is truly there to help you through this process. His bedside manner is impeccable and it feels personal and he truly makes time for you. He even has weekend times available for those who can't sneak away from work.

The only sad thing about seeing Jeff is when you graduate...haha, that is what I called it. Once you are successfully pregnant for 3 months, time to move on for now from Jeff and I truly miss our time together. I highly recommend seeing Jeff!! I rarely review people on Yelp but I know how tough infertility was for us and wanted to share our successful story because Jeff truly can help you through the process."  -Katy

"Jeff is amazing and has been my reassurance for the last three months. He is the most thoughtful, genuine and kind person and I always left his office feeling relaxed and at ease. I reached out to Jeff after becoming pregnant in hopes that he could not only help me through the first trimester but also help alleviate some of the anxiety I was having. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so I was beyond a nervous nelly over every twinge, cramp, etc. that I was having. My first appointment, Jeff listened to every fear I had and let me know that what I was experiencing was normal and more importantly I was normal for feeling anxious over these things. He provided me at home remedies to help throughout the first trimester, which were easy but helped tremendously. I came to every appointment with new questions/fears and he always took the time to explain things to me…never made me feel like a bother! I looked forward to seeing Jeff for my appointments because he always put me at ease and I left his office feeling confident in my pregnancy. Thank you Jeff for everything you have done for us. I am so grateful to have met you!!"  -Lauren

"I was diagnosed with PCOS several months back. When my husband and I started trying for a family without any success, we quickly became very defeated and discouraged. My OB/GYN team at Women’s Healthcare Associates recommended that in addition to planning for an IUI, I also schedule a consultation with Jeff. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience so far. To our surprise, we had a successful first round of IUI and are now roughly 4 weeks pregnant – we attribute much of this to Jeff and his knowledge and expertise. It has made such a difference knowing that we have someone aside from my doctor to guide us along each step of this process. In addition to the acupuncture, Jeff recommends several at-home practices that are reasonable and sustainable. We are so blessed to be working with Jeff and can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done to help us in our journey to parenthood thus far."  -Alex D.

"I won’t go into details of our story, but it’s obvious if you are reading this, starting a family has been a difficult path. Disappointment, doubt and fears are all common emotions as a couple trying to start your own family. As a couple, it’s easy to start over researching and questioning every method and choice you make. We have been there over and over again. This was no different when it came to acupuncture and herbal treatment. I will say that at 40 years old, my husband and I can say we got a positive pregnancy test. A huge contributor to this very exciting moment is to Jeff. He has been a constant positive energy in this process. He’s always open to discussion, and to reassure us, mostly myself, when I had doubts and fears. The acupuncture process relaxes me, and calms me down. He’s always been very responsive anytime we have a question, and we hope to continue our treatments with Jeff as we continue our journey to a healthy baby. The treatment of acupuncture has been around for hundreds of years, and just like choosing any doctor or treatment, you want to pick someone you trust. We highly recommend Jeff for his honesty, professionalism, positive outlook, and his skills as a acupuncturist."  -Jean F.

"Hi Jeff, I hope you can use this testimonial. I still can’t thank you enough for all of your help. To this day, I can’t believe I am pregnant! You are truly a miracle worker! J My fertility story began after my husband and I had been trying for over a year. In December of 2011, I was diagnosed with very high FSH (20) and very low AMH (.25). In non-medical terms, that means I was told I had severe diminished ovarian reserve and that I would most likely need to pursue donor eggs to ever conceive. I was devastated and shocked! Basically, I was told I was in pre-menopause at 32 years old! To make things worse, my husband was also diagnosed with severe male-factor infertility issues. After that less than positive diagnosis, I was referred to Jeff and I am SO glad that I was. I was a little nervous to pursue acupuncture as I have had a lifelong fear of needles, but I found my first consultation with Jeff to be very comfortable and informative. I decided to start seeing him once a week and to take do everything in my power to follow his advice regarding diet, herb supplements and lifestyle changes. My husband also started taking the herbs Jeff suggested. Each week I went in to see Jeff, I felt that I had a true friend on my side encouraging me to stay positive about my current infertility issues. I truly felt better after every session both physically and emotionally. After seeing Jeff for only 3 months, SURPRISE, my husband and I became pregnant naturally! Even my fertility doctor was surprised. Jeff, however, was not. He knew that it would happen for me and kept me thinking positively as well. I have read that it is extremely unlikely that someone with my diagnosis can become pregnant on their own. All I know is that Jeff’s knowledge and experience in fertility acupuncture truly made it possible to help us conceive our little miracle! Thank you Jeff!"  -Tina

"Previously we have been advised to use various hormones and fertility drugs to even get pregnant – only to have our hearts broken after two miscarriages in the first trimester. But after receiving treatment from Jeff, not only was it unnecessary to use the various hormones and drugs, but we are now well into the second trimester and all indicators show the baby is doing great! We would recommend Jeff to anyone – and have - but especially to those couples that that experienced loss through miscarriage. We say this because Jeff really listens, makes you feel so comfortable in spite of what you have been through and he gives you hope – as he has given us!"  -Brian and Mary

"In preparation for our first IVF procedure, our reproductive endocrinologist suggested highly that we contact Jeff Faudem at the Healing Arts Medical Center. We called Jeff and talked on the phone for a bit about our situation. We were immediately impressed by Jeff's experience with fertility clients and his warm understanding of the unique physical and emotional needs of people trying to build their families. I began seeing Jeff two months prior to my procedure. In conjunction with acupuncture Jeff also suggested some supportive dietary changes and some other changes he likes to call, "pajama therapies." Pajama therapies are things that I could do at home to help the process such as a nightly foot bath, exercise daily, and lavender under my nose to help relax before sleeping. In addition to being a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, Jeff Has an excellent bed-side manner. Always caring, always attentive, and always professional. Jeff was always available to answer our questions and would bend over backwards to make sure our needs were taken care of first and foremost. Jeff puts his clients first and I felt that the entire time I received treatments. All combined the acupuncture and pajama therapies were in full effect prior to our IVF procedure. On the day of our embryo transfer we also received an acupuncture treatment just prior to transfer and just after transfer. I'm happy to report that we were successful and I am now enjoying an uneventful and healthy pregnancy. From the very start Jeff was vested in our success and we feel strongly that his participation was key in our success. Thank you Jeff for helping us to realize our dreams."


“My experience at the Healing Arts Medical Center with Jeff Faudem has been extremely positive. Not only are we extremely excited to be expecting our first child(!); the experience was very relaxing, supportive and helpful as we were going through the emotions of infertility. I always felt like I was under the very best care and the concern that Jeff has for his patients is very genuine. I am so happy we chose to receive help from Jeff as it has been a great experience all around.”  -Jennifer

"I first went to see Jeff at the Healing Arts Medical Center in April 2008. I actually got a referral to him from my infertility clinic I was going to at the time. I am 37 years old. I found Jeff to be very compassionate, personable and knowledgeable. After my first treatment with him, I felt so relaxed and slept very well that night. I found acupuncture to be a much more tolerable approach to dealing and treating with infertility. I had good feelings when going in for an acupuncture treatment versus nervous and confused feelings when going to my infertility clinic. I finally became pregnant by September 2008. I continued to see Jeff after that to try and prevent miscarriage. I have now made it to 3 months pregnant! I feel that acupuncture treatments, herbal supplements and some dietary changes I made were some major reasons that I was able to become pregnant at my age."  -Sharon

“I'm so sorry it took me this long to Thank You! I wanted to let you know that Tristan Martin-James and Aubrey Revarie were born November 18th 2007. I delivered them 3 months early via emergency C-Section as I had developed HELLP syndrome. We of course spent quite a bit of time in the NICU. However, if it was not for you I would have NEVER gotten that far into my pregnancy to begin with. Since the babies were born so early the doctors performed several tests to determine the cause of the HELLP syndrome. It turns out that I am homozygous for the MTHRF gene which predisposes me to miscarriage. When we found out, my gynecologist looked at me in disbelief and stated that she was amazed that I was even able to get pregnant and for that matter carry as long as I did. I spent 3 years at fertility clinics with no luck, but when I combined fertility and your acupuncture and pajama treatments it took a whopping 2 months for me to get pregnant. I would recommend you and your services to anyone who has struggled with fertility, repeated miscarriages and especially for women who have a MTHRF gene mutation. Shoot, I would recommend you for anyone who needed any kind of balance brought back into their bodies/lives. I am happy with our children and am not looking to add to our family, but I can guarantee if I ever found myself pregnant again, I would be at your door that day. Thank you so much Jeff, you truly gave us the best gift we could ever receive.”  -Missy

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a long time and were feeling frustrated, sad and helpless. My arms were black and blue from blood tests and I was getting tired of doctors and hospitals and blood draws and test after test. I needed something else to believe in, something else to focus my attention on. Something POSITIVE! That is when a dear friend of mine suggested that my husband and I go meet with Jeff. From the first appointment, Jeff gave us hope. He gave us helpful options and ideas. He gave ME peace. I am so pleased to share that after seeing Jeff for only 3 1/2 months we got pregnant. We owe our joy to the help and support we received from Jeff. When we are ready to start trying for our 2nd baby, my first call will be to Jeff. 🙂 "


"With all the ups and downs of fertility treatment, I can't say enough about what it has meant to Jeff on my side. He is the consummate advocate. No matter how busy he is, or how many patients he's got scheduled, he always makes me feel like I am his only patient. He is always available and is terrific about answering any quirky question I have. He is a terrific teacher and an absolute ally. He has been invaluable to me during this journey. I couldn’t't have done this with out him!"


"Here's a testimonial that you are welcome to use as you see fit. Thanks, again. See you next week. After getting diagnosed with a mild case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and learning that because of it, pregnancy achievement could be difficult, our goal of having children seemed almost out of reach. My OB/Gyn explained my options, including drugs that have all sorts of side effects. She also recommended acupuncture with Jeff Faudem. Seeking an alternative and more natural approach, I scheduled a free consult with Jeff. I wasn't new to acupuncture, but I had never used it for fertility. He was very professional, yet comforting and optimistic. He said that results usually occur in 3-6 cycles. It seemed like so long, especially since my cycles were averaging 50 days each. But, after one full cycle seeing Jeff, adhering to his advise and practicing his recommended "bedroom therapies" techniques, I'm pregnant! Thank you, Jeff, for everything! I'm ecstatic about experiencing this pregnancy and really look forward to becoming a mother."


"Dear Jeff, Our little miracle has finally arrived. We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for everything you did to make our dream of having a beautiful baby come true! I look at Jake every day and I still can’t believe he is ours. Although he was 6 weeks early, he came home with us 4 days after he was born and he is doing fantastic! At 8 weeks now, he is almost 11 pounds and has grown over 5 inches. He is such a happy and healthy baby boy. We are so lucky and we are enjoying every minute with him. Thank you again for making what seemed almost impossible happen for us!"

Jim, Kristin & Jake

"When I first began my pregnancy quest, it was filled with hope and excitement. 5 months after going after the pill, I finally had my first period…and realized that something was definitely wrong. I went the Doctor, who diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I began working with a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) to help stabilize my hormones in my quest towards pregnancy. I endured 4 months of medications with no pregnancy. While beginning to plan for my IUI, I asked my RE about acupuncture. They recommended Jeff as someone that many of their patients had worked with. I consulted my insurance and looked around at multiple acupuncturists in Denver. Jeff was available to talk and answer my questions and had very reasonable rates. I decided to work with him. I first saw Jeff right before my IUI and saw him weekly after that. I did get pregnant after the IUI, but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. I then decided to take a break from all of the medications and treatments and focus on a more holistic approach. Jeff supported this decision and continued to see me regularly. I was amazed that with regular treatments, my hormones actually stabilized and I was having regular periods. I initially doubted that the acupuncture was working, but then was amazed and delighted to see that it was. Two cycles later, I was able to get pregnant completely naturally and am now 12 weeks along. I absolutely attribute Jeff and his acupuncture to helping me achieve this dream. He helped me regulate my cycle even better than the medication did, and I got pregnant very quickly after that. Each session, Jeff was empathetic and supportive, which is important because this is such an emotional journey. I would absolutely recommend Jeff to any woman hoping to achieve pregnancy, either in conjunction with a doctor or in a more holistic way. I am very grateful for all that he did for me."


"I am a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Author/Lecturer and Certified in Acupuncture. I started practice 39 years ago and have meet many great Physicians and Healers. I have been acquainted with Jeff Faudem and his work in Acupuncture and Herbs this past year. He ranks in the top of the list of outstanding and dedicated practitioners. His work and dedication are excellent and his results speak to that end."


"Jeff, Just wanted to thank you! I came in about a week ago for help with inducing labor and guess what! 🙂 Well, since I had to cancel my appointment the next day, I'm sure you figured it out. My water broke just 8 hours after my visit. I also wanted to let you know you were right about the gender. It's a boy. His name is Lucas Elijah and he weighed in at 9lbs. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you!"


"On Day Eight of our IVF cycle we were told we were going to be cancelled. They said they would allow us two more days, but it was really up to us if we wanted to 'waste' the money and the medicine. We immediately called Jeff and he had us come in for Stage 3 Electrostem treatments. We saw immediate improvement and our Doctor said she was 'Very Happy' with our turn around. Less than a week later we were at retrieval. Thanks Jeff."

Toby and Jennifer

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